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4.September 2018

Mapping the AI Trends of Today and Tomorrow

AI’s time has finally come, but we shouldn’t expect to see sci-fi scenarios tomorrow. Here are the AI trends that are a reality now, and what we can expect in the future.

1.September 2018

The Future of Cloud: Businesses Must Adopt a Data-First Strategy

Executives considering the future of cloud should adopt a data-first strategy—rather than a cloud-first strategy—as the basis for the application of workloads across an integrated infrastructure.

29.August 2018

Big Data and Manufacturing: Creating a Responsive Business

By harnessing the power of big data and manufacturing in harmony, your business can learn from the past to take game-changing action in the present.

28.August 2018

Using Big Data for Financial Fraud Prevention

Financial institutions are investing more in financial fraud prevention solutions. Data can be an effective weapon in the fight against fraud.

23.August 2018

Can Machine Learning Protect Your Digital Identity?

Your digital identity is a collection of information about you (or a business or a device) that exists online. Can machine learning protect your identity and keep you and your business safe from fraud and cybercrime?

22.August 2018

Efficient Transportation Decision-Making: Blockchain and the Digital Supply Chain

We are about to enter a new era of efficient transportation decision-making, where people, businesses, and consumers can move goods around with much more certainty. Welcome to the age of the digital supply chain, where the cloud, big data, and blockchain come together to offer new opportunities to transportation firms.

9.August 2018

Cloud and the Financial Sector: Making the Shift and Adding Value

Security is improving in the cloud, and the financial sector is gradually getting more comfortable with the technology.

30.July 2018

How the Digital Ecosystem Will Revolutionize Business

The digital ecosystem is changing everything. Companies that don’t adapt to this reality risk missing out on an exciting new way of doing business.

24.July 2018

A View of Modern Data Architecture and Management

Data architecture has evolved as data and the cloud have changed. How can a modern data platform manage this constantly changing asset?

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