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September 19, 2018
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How Micron is Achieving Faster Insights, Developing Analytical Solutions

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Matt Spillar

We’ve just published our most recent customer video! This video gives a look at how Micron is able to focus more on building solutions and less on day-to-day data management through partnering with Hortonworks.

Micron Technology, Inc. is an American global corporation based in Boise, Idaho. The company is one of the largest memory manufacturers in the world, producing many forms of semiconductor devices, including dynamic random-access memory, flash memory, and solid-state drives.

Big Data in the Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry is experiencing major changes as we are in the midst of a fourth “Industrial Revolution.” The insights from data often have a transformational effect on the business reducing time to market, improving product quality and customer service. By collecting and analyzing the data, businesses can make more informed decisions on which steps will lead to more growth. These insights are gleaned from data-in-motion, as well as historical data that was traditionally trapped in silos.

Business Value for Micron

The manufacture of semiconductors is a highly complex process, which means data is of utmost importance for Micron. The business was facing constraints with the level of tools and analytics it could provide.

Micron valued the innovation and collaboration found in the open source community. The company turned to Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) for data management, so that it could focus more on analytical solutions. Hortonworks helps support Micron on the engineering side, which has helped provide excellent solutions for Micron’s customers. Apache Nifi is also being used for data ingestion pipelines.

Significantly Faster Data Insights

One success that Micron has seen with HDP was shortening the time it took to identify misprocessed die from 7 days, down to under an hour. Additional datasets continue to be added into the environment, as data scientists and data engineers develop critical analytical solutions.

Previously, Hadoop users were using a batch approach for solving problems. Now there’s a trend toward real-time data analytics. With the Micron IP and HDP 3.0, the latency was eliminated.

“HDP 3.0 includes key innovations that further modernize data platforms, ultimately leading to faster insights for the business. HDP 3.0’s real-time database query optimizations, with best-of-breed Micron® NVMe™ solid state drives, accelerate the time to insights so critical for decision-making in today’s competitive business environment.” -Eric Endebrock, VP, Storage Solutions Marketing

It’s clear that by putting a modern data architecture into place, Micron is achieving significant business value and passing along that value to its customers.

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