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Online Resource Center

About the Resource Center

Welcome to the Resource Center. Here you will find links to all of the various resources available on the Hortoworks.com website.

19.March 2018
livre blanc

Enabling the Public Sector with Hortonworks: A Modern Data Architecture for the Government

WHY HORTONWORKS? Our mission is not only to manage the world’s data, but also to power the future of data. We’re a leading innovator in the industry; creating, distributing, and supporting enterprise ready open data platforms and modern data applications. Hortonworks customers benefit from: • Enterprise Platform Support – A Hortonworks subscription gives you access […]

16.March 2018

Applying Advanced Analytics to Industrial Process Data

Thanks to sensors and the Internet of Things, industrial processes now generate a sea of data. But are you plumbing its depths to find the insight it contains, or are you just drowning in it? Now, Hortonworks and Seeq team to bring advanced analytics and machine learning to time-series data from manufacturing and industrial processes. […]

14.March 2018

Delivering Smart, Real-Time Streaming Data to Healthcare Customers: Clearsense

For years, the healthcare industry has had problems of data scarcity and latency. Clearsense solved the problem by building an open-source Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) solution while providing decades worth of clinical expertise. Clearsense is delivering smart, real-time streaming data, to its healthcare customers enabling mission-critical data to feed clinical decisions.   Join Charles Boicey, […]

12.March 2018
livre blanc

Path to GDPR Compliance Begins with Data Governance

Challenges of Compliance in Big Data Despite advances in big data storage and processing systems, regulatory compliance such as GDPR continues to pose interesting challenges to enterprises that need to manage their expanding stockpile of data from a regulatory, competitive, or privacy reasons. These challenges emanate from the factors that include: Data lakes are becoming […]

9.March 2018

eBook – Hortonworks – eBook – A single view unlocks powerful data – DESIGN DRAFT

This e-book will feature an overview of up to three Hortonworks customers as proof points of the value of a single view.

8.March 2018

Blockchain with Machine Learning Powered by Big Data: Trimble Transportation Enterprise

Trimble Transportation Enterprise is a leading provider of enterprise software to over 2,000 transportation and logistics companies. They have designed an architecture that leverages Hortonworks Big Data solutions and Machine Learning models to power up multiple Blockchains, which improves operational efficiency, cuts down costs and enables building strategic partnerships.   Timothy Leonard, EVP Operations & […]

7.March 2018

Finding Value from Big Data with Apache NiFi and Streaming CDC

Apache NiFi is an easy to use, powerful, and reliable system to process and distribute data. It provides an end-to-end platform that can collect, curate, analyze, and act on data in real-time, on-premises, or in the cloud with a drag-and-drop visual interface. It’s being used across industries on large amounts of data that had stored […]

1.March 2018

Making Enterprise Big Data Small with Ease

Every division in an organization builds its own database to keep track of its business. When the organization becomes big, those individual databases grow as well. The data from each database may become silo-ed and have no idea about the data in the other database.   Find out how you can address these challenges to […]

23.February 2018
Fiche technique de la solution

HDF Solution Sheet

Create streaming analytics applications in minutes without writing code.

21.February 2018
press analyst

FORRESTER REPORT: Stretch Your Data Management Capabilities

Firms face an enormous data management challenge: how to act on data and insights to serve increasingly powerful customers and outmaneuver disruptive competitors. Architects once had time to plan methodically, but those days are quickly fading as the pace of business change accelerates. The only answer is a continuous improvement that stretches data capabilities in […]

12.February 2018

Hortonworks Premier – Hortonworks DataFlow (HDF) with NiFi’s creator, Joe Witt

Hortonworks DataFlow (HDF) provides the only end-to-end platform that collects, curates, analyzes and acts on data in real-time, on-premises or in the cloud, with a drag-and-drop visual interface. HDF is an integrated solution with Apache Nifi/MiNifi, Apache Kafka, Apache Storm and Druid. In this exclusive Premier Inside Out, you will hear from the creator of […]

9.February 2018

HDF 3.1 Series – Part 3: Technical Deep-Dive on New Flow Management Features

Hortonworks DataFlow (HDF) has revolutionized the way developers build data flows to ingest, curate, transform, govern and stream data. With its visual user interface, developers can quickly drag and drop processors to build data flows that perform complex data ingestion and transformation. Since HDF is powered by Apache NiFi, we are excited about the latest […]

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