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Hortonworks Cybersecurity Solution

cloud Ready for Big Data Cybersecurity?

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Hortonworks cybersecurity solution offers a single, comprehensive view of business risk through a security lens. Enabled by big data technology, Hortonworks cybersecurity solution provides an accelerated path to a single view of relevant threat data and ways to address them, realized through specific data, analytical models and user interfaces to increase efficiency of security operations by up to 15X.

Le problème

The connected world creates a rate and volume of streaming cybersecurity data that is unprecedented, and attacks are increasingly sophisticated and multifaceted. Existing security tools typically provide one facet of cybersecurity info, but not a single one was created for the big data generated by the digital world and it is unreasonably time-consuming to piece together data from multiple systems to assess the true nature of a single threat across an enterprise.

To be effective, a modern cybersecurity solution must leverage machine learning from big data streaming analytics with the following capabilities:

Comprehensive Graphic

A centralized single view of all relevant data with alert summaries and advanced search alleviates information overload and expedites threat analysis and resolution.

High Speed Rocket Graphic
High Speed Ingestion

Security telemetry is constantly generated, and needs to be immediately collected, normalized and stored at extremely high speeds to make it easily accessible for advanced computation and analytics.

Realtime Graphic
Real Time Processing

Real-time enrichment to augment streaming data feeds with information such as threat intelligence, geolocation, and DNS creates meta-data critical for any investigation.

Efficient Graphic

Cost effective data storage is necessary so that logs and telemetry can be efficiently mined and analyzed with long term visibility and full packets can be extracted and reconstructed to help trace who the true attacker was, what data was leaked, and where that data was sent.

The Solution : A Single View of Risk

Hortonworks big data technology enables unprecedented breadth of data capture and efficiency of threat detection and mitigation. We provide optimization of existing infrastructure (i.e., Splunk, SIEMS), as well as a new big data approach designed for the speed of modern day attacks (next gen SIEM).

Through a holistic approach of big data technology, machine learning and data science Hortonworks creates a single view of your business risk through a security lens.



Accelerated threat detection measured in days, instead of months


Increased productivity of SOC personnel by up to 15X


Holistic view of business risk through integration of multiple data types, inclusive of business data such as HR and accounting, combined with network & security data


Lower cost to capture relevant machine data compared to alternative solutions


Access to big data and data science expertise needed for the next generation of cybersecurity threat detection


A system designed for the scale of the modern digital world of millions of events per second vs thousands


More comprehensive analysis due to extended period of time that data can be stored


Augmentation of existing security infrastructure into a centralized system to enable a single view of threat data


Big data ingest and enrichment technology to capture full content and context of network traffic and machine data


Faster threat analysis with streaming analytics machine learning


Expertise and technology for an integrated and holistic solution


Expertise from leading security data scientists