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ODP<span>i</span><br />La plateforme de données ouverte pour l'écosystème du big data

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Hortonworks open data platform initiative for a big data ecosystemRun complex big data ecosystem applications on a common runtime


Hortonworks 100% open model extends to our commitment with ODPi, an Open Data Platform initiative. We are proud to be part of ODPi because it operates under an open governance model and helps rally a community to drive innovation around shared goals.

ODPi is a nonprofit organization committed to simplification & standardization of the big data ecosystem with a common reference platform called ODPi Core.

The Open Data Platform initiative brings industry leaders together to accelerate the adoption of ApacheTM Hadoop® and related Big Data ecosystem technologies and make it easier to rapidly develop applications. ODPi members represent a diverse group of Big Data solution providers and end users.

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Voici les avantages ODPi pour chaque type de membre


Utilisateurs finaux/​clients :
- Ability to run any “ODPi-compatible” big data software on any “ODPi-compliant” platform and have it work
- Open Data Platform provides value as new big data solutions can be developed and implemented faster


ISV / développeurs d'applications / intégrateurs de système :
- Compatibility guidelines that allow them to “test once, run everywhere”
Big data ecosystem vendors build on a common platform and it ensures growth and innovation that benefit everyone
- Eliminate the burden and cost of certification and testing across multiple Hadoop distributions
- Predictable release cadence and reduced maintenance and support costs


Fournisseurs de plateformes Hadoop :
- Des directives de conformité permettent aux logiciels compatibles ODPi de s'exécuter en harmonie avec vos solutions
- Ces consignes vous permettent de fournir rapidement des correctifs à vos clients devant faire face à des situations d’urgence

ODPi unveiled the first release of the ODPi Runtime Specification and test suite as part of its objective to ensure applications will work across multiple Apache Hadoop® distributions.

By providing a common runtime, reference implementations and test suites, ODPi Core removes cost and complexity and accelerates the development of Big Data ecosystem solutions.

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