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Sandbox Deployment and Install Guide

Deploying Hortonworks Sandbox on VirtualBox

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This tutorial walks through the general approach for installing the Hortonworks Sandbox (HDP or HDF) onto VirtualBox on your computer.



Import the Hortonworks Sandbox

Start by importing the Hortonworks Sandbox into VirtualBox:

  • Open VirtualBox and navigate to File -> Import Appliance. Select the sandbox image you downloaded and click “Open“.

You should end up with a screen like this:

Appliance Settings

Note: Make sure to allocate at least 8 GB (8192 MB) of RAM for the sandbox.

Click “Import” and wait for VirtualBox to import the sandbox.

Start the Hortonworks Sandbox

Once the sandbox has finished being imported, you may start it by selecting the sandbox and clicking “Start” from the VirtualBox menu.


A console window opens and displays the boot process. Once the virtual machine fully boots up, you may begin using the sandbox.


Welcome to the Hortonworks Sandbox!

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